One Airdrop

Opens a new chapter in Cryptocurrency Airdrop

One airdrop wants to open a new chapter and revitalize the airdrop field.

1. Abstract

One Airdrop. Opens a new chapter in Cryptocurrency Airdrop.

The concept of Airdrop started from World War II and extends its scope throughout the IT area to Cryptocurrency Market today. Cryptocurrency Airdrop is a marketing method used by foundations in Cryptocurrency Market. This includes delivering bitcoin or certain tokens to the wallet of the current cryptocurrency trader free of charge or in exchange for small promotional services. Through this Cryptocurrency Airdrop, the Foundation spreads its awareness and allow more users to own the Foundation's coins.

However, if major coins such as Bitcoin are airdropped, they are losing their appeal to users due to low variability due to their increased value compared to the past. In addition, when new coins are Airdropped, there are many problems such as uncertainty about listing on the exchange. Ultimately, Cryptocurrency Airdrop is increasingly failing to deliver satisfactory results for both user and the host foundation.

In response, One Airdrop wants to open a new chapter and revitalize in the Airdrop sector. It can attract users' attention because it can be considered relatively more potential than Bitcoin. In addition, it aims to establish itself as a new Paradigm for Airdrop wallet transmission method through One Airdrop integration, away from Airdrop of indiscriminate new coins.
Furthermore, we will do our best to ensure that Airdrop is recognized as an upgraded event by both users and foundations by opening a community where information related to Airdrop, which is currently provided locally, can be found in one place.

2. History

Airdrop History

The first beginning of the concept of Airdrop can be found in airborne types developed during World War II. It refers to the act of distributing troops by aircraft to areas that are otherwise inaccessible. This allowed basic food and combat medicine as well as propaganda leaflets, and subsequently delivered tanks and other large supplies as the aircraft becomes bigger. These Airdrops are also currently being carried out in peacekeeping operations and in humanitarian aid situations, which are food and medical supplies are often carried out by U.N. and other aircrafts.
Starting with military terms, Airdrop was later transformed into a new digital concept by Apple. Airdrop was used to refer to Apple's wireless communications file sharing system, and photos, videos, and location information can be transferred to other Apple devices nearby. In addition, it supports sharing of most Apple's built-in software or file specifications, making it easy to transfer files quickly with just one sharing button.

Later, as Cryptocurrency Market grew, Airdrop expanded its concept to a new extent. In Cryptocurrency Market, Airdrop refers to the free payment of new coins or coins to people who own certain cryptocurrencies according to the investment ratio. It is a similar concept to dividends in the stock market or free capital increase (for a company to issue and distribute new shares to existing shareholders without any consideration). Usually, a new coin is used when listing or when a hard fork is created, as an element of event or marketing. On the other hand, if a specific coin is airdropped, it goes through a process called a "snapshot," which records the balance of cryptocurrency held at a specific point in time to calculate the amount to be paid during the airdrop.

3. Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency airdrop?

Cryptocurrency Airdrop is a promotional activity commonly performed by blockchain-based foundations to facilitate the progress of virtual currency projects. The goal is to spread awareness of the cryptocurrency project and get more people to trade when listing it as an initial coin offering (ICO) on the exchange.

Airdrops are usually promoted on the company's website and cryptocurrency forums, and coins and tokens are currently only sent to cryptocurrency wallet holders. To receive a free gift, the recipient may need to keep a minimum amount of cryptocurrency in his/her wallet. Alternatively, by posting currency to social media forums, airdrops can be done by specific tasks such as linking with specific members of a blockchain project or creating blog posts.

Given the fierce competition between cryptocurrency foundations, Cryptocurrency Airdrop is an attempt to catch the attention of users. Some exchanges that run Cryptocurrency Airdrop provide users with notifications, listing services to foundations, and several marketing services that coordinate airdrop. However, these Cryptocurrency Airdrops also clearly have limitations. These limitations will be discussed in more detail in the next chapter.

4. Problems

Problems of Cryptocurrency Airdrop

Michael J. Casey, chairman of the CoinDesk Advisory Committee and adviser to MIT's blockchain research initiative, said in a post on the CoinDesk blog:
"A currency is nothing if it is not widely used. And that can’t be achieved unless people make some cost-incurring effort to encourage widespread usage

The ongoing Cryptocurrency Airdrop contains the following issues.

1. Bitcoin or Ethereum, commonly used as an Airdrop coin, has become too large due to rapid price increases. This is one of the factors that decrease users' interest in Airdrop Events as their attractiveness decreases as Cryptocurrency Airdrop Coin with relatively low variability. This also leads to an unsatisfactory situation for foundations that use Airdrop as a marketing tool.

2. When Airdropping its own new issue other than Bitcoin and Ethereum results in unnecessary consumption, including expenses for listing and transaction support of the new issued Coin. In addition, in the worst-case scenario, the listing of Airdrop coins on the exchange is indefinitely extended, which results in users losing confidence in Airdrop Events.

3. Incidentally, Airdrop Events are currently being carried out in a narrow-minded manner, not through platforms or communities that can be shared by everyone. This deprives users of the opportunity to obtain information and reduces its efficiency for foundations hosting Airdrop.

Therefore, through the issuance of One Airdrop coins, it aims to create a Cryptocurrency Airdrop that can satisfy both the user and the foundation by recharging new vitality in the Cryptocurrency Airdrop field.

5. Information

One Airdrop information

  • Name:One Airdrop
  • Symbol :OA
  • Platform :Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • Total issued volume :0000OA
Token information

One Airdrop (hereinafter OA) is trying to open a new chapter in Airdrop field as a dedicated coin for cryptocurrency Airdrop.

OA wants to be reborn as Airdrop Coin, which is more attractive than Bitcoin and Ethereum, which were mostly used in Airdrop. Bitcoin and Ethereum are like adults who are already fully grown for you who want to achieve a huge dream through the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, Airdrop's advantage of being provided free of charge will be more effective only when there is infinite potential for dropped coins. Therefore, this feature of Airdrop is likely to be more suitable for OA, a SuperRookie in Airdrop, rather than old Bitcoin or Ethereum.

“Not only does some airdrop increase in value, but it also reaches incredibly high value.
For example, in November 2017, Oyster Pearl distributed 2227 PRLs only to Airdrop Alert subscribers. At the end of the campaign, Airdrop's highest value was about $11,000. Did you participate in this airdrop?"

Furthermore, the OA seeks to resolve inefficiencies and side effects in the current Airdrop field.

Our data

OA Token

Total token supply - 2,500,000 (100%)
  • 4% Private sale investors 100,000
  • 28% Ecosystem & Business Development 700,000
  • 11% Reserve 275,000
  • 7% Team and Advisors 175,000
  • 10% Strategic Partnerships 250,000
  • 15% Marketing 375,000
  • 25% Securing Community Reserve 625,000

A. OA will inform and share the results of sufficient communication and consultation with the Foundation for Airdrop Event through OA as a dedicated Token for Airdrop. This allows users to meet more reliable Airdrop Events through the Airdrop foundation and OA Community Double-Check.

A. OA is a very important Token that can solve these problems. An OA can fundamentally resolve this problem because it is registered on an exchange that trade is possible at any time. This also aims to consolidate Airdrop Coin into one and establish itself as a new paradigm of a wallet-transfer method.

A. OA intends to provide Airdrop Events at once which are now fragmented and peripherally provided. This specific Airdrop Community of OA will be discussed in more detail in the next chapter.

6. Community

One Airdrop(OA) Community

1. Provide event information related to Airdrop using OA
By providing this information, OA holders can learn about Airdrops that are progressing through OA and utilize them for trading. In addition, safe and reliable information can be provided through the OA through public notice and double-check of the organizing foundation conducting Airdrop.

2. Provide information and share opinions not only on OA but also on Airdrop Event as a whole.
Community users can receive and share information about Airdrops throughout the Cryptocurrency Market as well as OA. Furthermore, this process may be one of the ways to verify the safety and reliability of the coins received through the Airdrop or Airdrop. This allows users to obtain more quality Airdrop information.

3. Cryptocurrency specialized Social Networking Community
Currently, most Cryptocurrency Communities have been newly established in existing communities and are operated on a small scale and peripheral basis. As the cryptocurrency market is growing at a rapid pace, it is time for a social networking community specialized for cryptocurrency. Therefore, we would like to create a new community where anyone can talk about cryptocurrency based on the strength of our Airdrop-based coin.

In addition, OA Community will provide users with various functions and spaces in line with the developing cryptocurrency market trend.

7. Disclaimer

Disclaimer Purpose

This White Paper and the information contained herein shall be considered as helpful documents explaining aspects of the project. This White Paper has no binding force and is not responsible for any loss caused by the use, reference or evidence in this White Paper.

This white paper is based on the project's current views and plans. Such forward-looking reports or information include known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may differ substantially from estimates or outcomes implied or expressed in these forward-looking reports. The only absolute discretion to amend this White Paper is obtained by posting an updated White Paper on this website. These updated white papers take effect immediately from the time of posting. The only purpose of this White Paper is to provide the recipient with preliminary information about the project.

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